The entire company formed from an idea Dave Schneider had during football season!  Always trying to invent games like his business partner, Nick (aka "Small Games Pezz"), he came up with a unique way to get Nick interested in watching football;  Random events that happen throughout a football game earned you playing cards. Whoever had the best hand at the end of the game, won the pot of money! 

Fast forward more than a year and Wedding Day Poker was born! But the concept did not stop there! Nick and Dave sat down and said; "This could work for all sports and events!" Within about six months, five more Poker Scratch Off versions were created:  Football Party Poker, Birdie Bogey Poker, Double Play Poker, Hat Trick Poker and Bike Rally Poker;  And we have never looked back....

Nick and Dave are the faces of the company, but without our wives, none of this would be possible! Cassie and Michelle are the engines behind this train! 

We love what we do and want to thank everyone that has helped make this dream a reality! Including our CUSTOMERS!!!! 

Thank you! 


The Bompezzi's
The Schneider's
Nick and Michelle