Q. Who can use Birdie Bogey Poker?

A. This fun new scratch off game can be used at your next league night, a few rounds with your buddies, large scale tournament or our favorite; a charity tournament. Whether you need just 25 cards or 25,000, Poker Scratch Offs has what you need.   


Q. Poker Scratch Off concept 

A. Each Poker Scratch Off product line (Birdie Bogey, Football Party, Wedding Day, etc.) includes a list of 15 "events" that could take place during a particular game or occasion. These 15 “events” are randomly generated from a master list of 30 and printed above a corresponding scratch off area. Each scratch off area reveals a computer generated playing card and suit. As a game or occasion unfolds, players follow the game or occasion and scratch off their corresponding "events" as they occur revealing their best 5 card poker hand. Each card is completely unique with no repeating playing cards and each card is 100% verifiable.


Q. How much do you charge per card?

A. Price per card are determined by the event coordinator. For golf leagues, we suggest $5 per card (players can buy as many as they want at one time). For tournaments that benefit a charity, we suggest $10 a card. 50% goes to said charity, 50% of pot goes to a lucky winner! For all events, no matter league/charity/tournament, it is ultimately up to you to decide price per card.


Q. How will they know how to play?

A. Game rules are on the back of each game card. Birdie Bogey Poker is a simple and fun game that can be played by people of all ages. As the golf round unfolds, players scratch the reveals that correspond with the “events” that appear on their cards. Players build their best 5-card poker hand. Make sure players know where to report winning hands and designate an official hand reporting deadline. We recommend that all players report their hands directly proceeding their rounds.


Q. How do you know who wins?

A. Game cards can be validated by event coordinators or the proshop (they would have to know about the process beforehand).  Golfers simply bring their Birdie Bogey Poker cards and golf round scorecards to the event coordinator, who validates/invalidates their best 5-card poker hand.


Q. What can Birdie Bogey Poker be used for?

A. Birdie Bogey Poker is a fun interactive scratch off game that plays off the action on the course. As each round unfolds the players scratch their “events” to make their best 5 card poker hand. Birdie Bogey Poker can be a great way to generate new business. You can offer prizes or use them to raise money for an important charity in a 50/50, or simply generate a large cash pot that a lucky someone will take home!


Q. What if they scratch off all the reveals by accident?

A. Reveals that are scratched incorrectly can be invalidated but event coordinators have the final decision.  Set this rule ahead of time to avoid confusion.


Q. What do you do in the case of a tie?

A. Just like in real poker, ties do happen. However, depending on the amount of cards being played, the odds of a tie with Birdie Bogey Poker are very rare. If there is a tie, that means there are 2 first place winners and they split their share of the pot. Ultimately, ties can be decided by the event coordinator to prevent any conflicts.


Q. Can players cheat?

A. Players cannot cheat and cards are 100% verifiable. Each card can be verified using the golfers scorecard as well as his/her playing partners. Golf is a gentleman's game…cheating is not allowed.

(note: This is not recommended for solo golfers as there is no one to attest)